Drum machining & hydraulics overhauls for Townsville & surrounds


At Currajong Brake Parts & Service, we offer a variety of services in our Townsville workshop to ensure your brake and clutch systems are in top condition.
Drum and Disk Machining — Drum machining Townsville in Currajong, QLD

Drum & Disc Machining

The discs and drums around your brakes often become strained with frequent use, which can lead to wear and tear that can make your vehicle unsafe. One particular concern is the surface of discs and drums becoming uneven, in addition to cracking or distorting.

Machining will refurbish the discs and drums in your brake system, which will prevent some of the immediate dangers of unevenness and distortion—effectively extending their life. We can also work on truck drums with dual wheels.
Flywheel Grinding — Drum machining Townsville in Currajong, QLD

Flywheel Grinding

When replacing the clutch in your vehicle, experts recommend that the flywheel should be resurfaced at the same time. This will remove any hot spots or uneven surfaces which may affect your clutch and ensure gear changes are smooth.

At Currajong Brake Parts & Service we're usually able to offer flywheel grinding as a same-day service, allowing you to get back on the road again sooner. Call us to book yours today!
Hydraulic Parts Overhauling — Drum machining Townsville in Currajong, QLD

Hydraulic Parts Overhauling

When your hydraulic system has reached the end of its life, the team at Currajong Brake Parts & Service are able to inspect and overhaul it.

In particular, we offer overhauls of boosters, air packs, calipers and cylinders in your hydraulic system. During this service, we'll replace any parts needed, so your brake and clutch systems are functioning exactly as they should be.
Brake Shoe Grinding — Drum machining Townsville in Currajong, QLD

Brake Shoe Grinding

Ensure your brake shoe always meets the brake lines with grinding services from Currajong Brake Parts & Service. Grinding or skimming brake shoes to the correct diameter will make the surface workable again, and increase efficiency and smoothness during brake operation.

Our skilled mechanics are able to grind brake shoes to a radius of up to 7” wide. On top of that, we can also rivet brake shoes in large trucks.
Steel Line Fabrication — Drum machining Townsville in Currajong, QLD

Steel Line Fabrication

If you're refurbishing an older make and model of car and need new steel lines, look no further. At Currajong Brake Parts & Service, our skilled team can fabricate a range of fluid lines for your car, including those for:
  • Brakes
  • Fuels
  • Transmission
  • Coolant
We use a nickel-plated steel to ensure the best finish and longevity once in your vehicle. To discuss fabricating steel lines for vehicle restoration, contact us today.